Thursday, October 13, 2005

Paranoia strikes deep...

I'm on the road for work -- and today picked up a rental car I'll be driving all over the U.S. upper mid-west. The car -- a truly conventional seven passenger mini-van fit for a soccer mom -- came with National Car Rental's brochure "Tips for Safer Driving."

The thing reads as if I were traveling in a war zone; maybe they think I'm driving to Beirut? Here's a sampling of what they urge me to remember:

Lock up! Always lock your doors and keep your windows up when driving.

No free rides! Never pick up hitchhikers….

Park in well-lit areas. Bright light! Make the extra effort to park in illuminated lots. When returning to your parked car, keep your keys in your hands and check the back seat before opening the doors. As soon as you get in your car, lock your doors. It can't hurt to play it safe.

Use common sense. Your personal belongings are not worth physical harm, so don't resist in the face of danger.

Get directions. Use the National map. Only ask for directions from a law enforcement officer or at a well-lit populated business. DO NOT pull over to the side of the road to study your map….

Don't stop! If another motorist tries to tell you something is wrong with your car, do not stop until you see a gas station or well-populated area to check the vehicle. And do not assist anyone with a disabled car. Just drive to a well-lit area and call the police for them.

Despite what National Car Rental says, I'm afraid I do think it can hurt to "play it safe." Are we really such frightened people that we can't drive with the windows open or help others?

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Chris said...

Nah, National really just cares about getting blood on the upholstery of their nice vans . . .