Tuesday, October 01, 2019

All who wander are not lost

Tonight, driving home on a dark country road, our courtesy niece Tara saw what looked like a cat in the headlights. She leaped out, scooped the animal up, and came running into this house screaming: "Is this Morty?"

Yes, it was and is.

He's scrawny, thirsty, and has a lot to yowl about. But after 9 days away, Morty has come home and apparently found more life.

We are stunned, happy, and prepared to take him to the vet at 8am tomorrow to evaluate what we might have to do for him.

Blog will be on hold until I recover my senses; this sure beats thinking about struggling against the Orange Menace!

Thanks be!


anita said...

Oh, how wonderful! I'm so happy for you!

DJan said...

My heart is full. Tears springing to my eyes in gratitude. :-)

chris enquist said...

great news!

Celia said...

How wonderful! Nine days is a long time. Happy for you!

Unknown said...


Elisabeth said...

So exciting! So happy to hear he's reunited with his family.