Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday cat blogging

Morty looks a little annoyed, doesn't he? Not too surprising. At the direction of his vet, we're trying to help him recover from the shock of his nine-day adventure in out-of-doors. He gets daily subcutaneous hydration (I've spared you a picture of the needle) and daily administrations of high vitamin cat food by mouth via a sort of huge syringe. Erudite Partner is becoming an adept amateur vet technician. In between feedings, he sleeps. And at night he snuggles up against us, brushes his whiskers against our faces, and generally is the same old Morty.

We can't discern whether we're running a cat hospital or a cat hospice. This animal's state has been known to turn on a dime before. What will be will be.

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