Wednesday, October 23, 2019

I voted - have you?

This was certainly the simplest San Francisco ballot I've confronted for many a year.

I voted happily and proudly for Chesa Boudin for District Attorney. He's the only one of the lot who would fundamentally shake up the office -- in a good way. When the old guy couldn't run for re-election because he'd pissed off everyone, whether left, right or center, it's time for big change. As a former Public Defender, Boudin will deliver a very different slant on law enforcement and prosecution. About time.

None of the other offices are really contested unless you live in Supervisor District 5 -- where you can support Dean Preston for a City Hall more attuned to tenants and the bottom 80 percent of us.

Even the ballot propositions are kind of humdrum, by the standards of a city which voted on whether to name its sewage plant for George W. Bush. A quick list of what I did.
Prop. A - Affordable Housing Bonds. Gosh, yes!
Prop B - Name of a city department. Guess this is okay.
Prop. C - No, No, No. Juul's attempt to save its addiction machine. Even these drug dealers who put it on the ballot have given up on this one, but they'll probably be back at the state level.
Prop. D - Traffic tax. Sure, charge Uber and Lyft a little something to aid Muni.
Prop. E - Affordable Housing for Teachers. Gosh, yes!
Prop. F - Campaign contribution disclosures. Yes.

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