Thursday, October 10, 2019

Yes, there is something you can do about this shitstorm we're in ...

If you are a Californian and you've been wondering where you can go to contribute to winning the 2020 election for more equity and more justice, there's an answer. (If you haven't been wondering, you probably should have been if you want to live to fight another day.)
Sign up with Seed the Vote to get yourself in the loop now.

THE PLAN: Hundreds of Bay Area activists will travel to a nearby battleground state (Nevada or Arizona) from October 10 – October 25, 2020. Working closely with local grassroots groups that organize in their communities year-round, we’ll knock on thousands of doors to help defeat Trump. Then we’ll bring skills and commitment back to our local movements to continue fighting for our communities. ...

WHY 2 WEEKS: To make a real impact in 2020, it’s time to think big. We know from past elections that two weeks is the threshold for volunteers to get integrated into a local team, take on leadership and have meaningful conversations with many voters. ...

WHY WORK WITH GRASSROOTS GROUPS: We want to both defeat Trump and build our movements for the long-haul. We will knock on doors with local groups who organize with working class communities of color year-round because they know the best strategies to win in their communities, and they will still be there continuing to build local political power after the election is over.

Sign up now. This sort of effort requires huge work of planning and coordination to make our participation maximally fruitful. I'll be working on this when I get back from my current sojourn in Massachusetts.

Californians can make a difference; let's do it.

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