Friday, October 27, 2017

Congress: "a breeding ground for a hostile work environment"

Congresswoman Jackie Speier has proved herself to be a good one since that long ago day when, accompanying her boss Rep. Leo Ryan, she was shot on a runway by cult members from Jim Jones' Jonestown. She joined the hazardous trip which left Ryan and four others dead because:

“Back in 1978, there were not many women in high-ranking positions in Congress," said Speier, who was legislative counsel for Ryan at the time. "I felt if I didn’t go, it would be a step back for women holding these high positions. I thought, 'I can’t not go.'”

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joared said...

I had forgotten about this incident and the Congresswoman, so thanks for the reminder.

I surely do hope more people can be comfortable and safe revealing instances of intimidation, abuse, violation well beyond the entertainment industry as it permeates everywhere regardless of gender to which, like many, I can personally attest.