Monday, September 09, 2019

Oddments from Elko, Nevada

Why this hung in the window of a barber shop, I don't know.

Californians will appreciate this: Unleaded gas for 2.87 a gallon. We're doing our bit about the climate in the Golden State, hence our relatively high gas taxes and high prices. (Though much of why San Francisco Bay area gas prices are so high remains a permanent mystery.) Nevada with a Democratic legislature and Steve Sisolak as governor is working to cuts its carbon emissions too, though this is not currently reflected in gas prices. And in Reno, the City Council recently signed off on an ambitious plan to make the town more resistant to climate change impacts.

Morty was not thrilled spending his day in his cat jail in the back of the car, uttering random meows. But he accepts homage during a break from exploring every nook in a motel in the evening.

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Sandra de Helen said...

My love to all three of you on this journey/adventure!