Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Out and about on Mission Street (from 16th to 24th)

This stretch of Mission is the neighborhood at its grittiest, offering plenty of subjects with which to practice with my new lens.
One of the delights of living among newly arrived migrants is the quantity and quality of real food. We haven't destroyed their eating habits yet.
Folks around here don't hesitate to broadcast their hopes ...
... or to shape their piñatas to resemble fruits.

Essential campaigns for justice find voices here.

Not that we're serious all the time.

Neither is the neighborhood signage.

I've learned a lot while doing this lens self-training about the state of my near neighborhood in the post-pandemic (sure hope we're over the worst!). Will try to summarize some thoughts in the next few days.

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Bonnie said...

the last sign, dentist? enjoying your neighborhoods.