Sunday, October 10, 2021

Out and about on Valencia Street

Yet more practice with my new lens. I rather like this view of the interior of Community Thrift. As always here, click to enlarge.

Not every commercial space survived the pandemic. Will this one contain retail -- or perhaps art?
Unlikely retail -- or perhaps art? A stuffed springbok for only $1200 at Paxton Gate.

Now there's a tag line.

To the point -- Do come in.
And here's the theme of the day!


Joared said...

Enjoyed your photos! Interesting baseball series with those two teams.

janinsanfran said...

We approach major sports events with some trepidation. Last time the Giants won the Series, the drunken celebration in the streets somehow included young revelers climbing onto and falling off our roof. Fortunately, no harm done ...

Brandon said...

Re: Paxton Gate: I never heard of that store, but it reminds me of New York's Maxilla & Mandible.