Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rally for relief, Oakland, CA

The people of California's most African American city had many relative in Louisiana's African American city. Oakland "gets" New Orleans. Oakland knows that if disaster hit Northern California, the feds and the state government might very well leave its people to die. Oakland "gets" New Orleans.

And so, today, Oakland held a little rally calling for full funding for disaster relief, control of public works programs in the stricken city on the Gulf Coast by the displaced Black community itself, bringing the National Guard home from Iraq, and taxing oil companies to fund FEMA. Local organizations shared their plans for fund raising. And people stood after work in front of the downtown Federal Building to let the world know: Oakland gets New Orleans.

A member of the Black Dot Artists group announces a benefit for hurricane relief

Congresswoman Barbara Lee's office is leading a drive to collect for the NAACP's disaster fund

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