Monday, October 09, 2006

Four items from the daily rag


Police are looking for three men who wore dark, hooded sweatshirts as they shot and killed a motorist after flagging him down...


As a violent night wore down, at least four people were shot early Sunday and officers struggled to contain....


A ... man shot and killed early Saturday ... was identified Sunday ... [He] died of multiple wounds in a 12:30 a.m. shooting ... that wounded one other person, police said. They don't have a suspect or know what motivated the killing ...


A ... teenager has been charged with hate crimes involving the desecration of a local church last month....The vandalism included "satanic statements" and "statements and threats that were ... considered hate-related..."
These items constituted one, fairly normal, day of police blotter activity in this metropolitan area. Outside of failed states, I don't think most humans have lived in such violent circumstances. We don't seem to notice, but the ordinary level of violence which we live close to is really quite extraordinary.

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