Thursday, June 20, 2019

Strong prospects for 2020

Democrats sure are surfacing some interesting candidates for 2020. I have little idea whether either of these gentleman can win; they are running in tough venues. But they both came on the scene with interesting and novel videos, worth a few minutes of your time.
Jaime Harrison wants to take on Republican Trump suck-up, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. This video exposes Graham and introduces Harrison imaginatively. He encountered his early values in comic books where "real heroes help people and value honesty and loyalty ..."

Eric Mansfield -- a doctor, a pastor, and a veteran -- says he got a "second chance at life" after a heart attack while driving.

... if your hope has been pushed down, get back up ...

He is running for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina against GOP incumbent Thom Tillis. In order to get there, he has to win a Democratic primary in which the field has not yet solidified.

The Senate is where much of the action will be at in 2020. If one of the Democratic presidential hopefuls conquers the primary and wins the general election without also winning in the Senate, it will be next to impossible to turn Democratic plans into governance. These men are looking at tough races but it is a sign of Democratic strength that such articulate and smart candidates are willing to jump into the fray.

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