Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sorry Lowe's, I rather liked you

But I will no longer be shopping at this home improvement retailer in view of their decision to sign on with anti-Muslim bigotry. The newscast below tells the story of how the big company caved in to demands that they pull their ads from an innocuous reality TV show about a U.S. Muslim family.

You can speak out against prejudice by signing the petition here.


Rain Trueax said...

Wow, I have not seen that but totally agree with you about not going there although I rarely did anyway as Home Depot is my choice. I'd be in big trouble if they did such a thing as they are so handy but that is an abomination of Lowe's. I had heard of that show by someone who tends to the right and it has been something for him to see another side to being Muslim. But others have commented it's a bad side as they aren't like that. Disgusting of Lowe's. I don't generally sign petitions but that sounds like a worthy one

Betty Johanna said...

We do most of our shopping at our locally owned Ace Hardware. If we can’t get it there, we’ve been going to Lowe’s because several years ago we saw a listing of corporate donations to election campaigns and Lowe’s donated much more to Democrats than did Home Depot. Now with Lowe’s misbehaving, seems like you can’t win. At least we have some locally owned lumber stores in addition to hardware stores that we can patronize.