Saturday, December 10, 2011

A walk through #OccupySanDiego

I was in San Diego yesterday working to end death sentences (see sidebar at right) and was able to take a walk through the civic plaza where OccupySanDiego is still getting out the message of the 99 percent.

These people's tents and encampment were pulled down by police in early October, but they haven't gone away. "A First Amendment right is not an unlawful assembly" says the banner. They are still speaking out.

Some of the signage reflects their ongoing struggle with hostile authorities.

Some of what they assert seems almost wistful.

Not that they haven't caused a stir. In an episode that warms my political activist heart, a local politician dropped by to set up a voter registration table -- and was hauled off by the cops for trespassing on private property.

He doesn't look very scary to me.

All over the country there are determined and desperate people keeping on … what will it take to make the system work for the 99 percent?

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