Monday, September 27, 2021

Go ahead, fire them!

They take an oath "to protect and serve." We give them authority to use force on others. They lose some personal privileges -- or ought to.

I started a small collection of these headlines over the weekend. The reporting that goes under this one is outrageous. 

Police and firefighters who interact with the public have personal rights, [Dr. Timothy Brewer, an infectious disease expert, physician and epidemiology professor at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health] said, but also added responsibilities to public health. 
“Remember, with rights come responsibilities, and as public safety officers, they have a responsibility to take any reasonable steps to avoid endangering the public,” and getting vaccinated is such a step, Brewer said. 
... LAPD officers are already required, as a condition of employment, to be vaccinated against nine other pathogens.
And it's likely that the sheriff's department (jail guards) are even less vaccinated.

New York State is being really tough with an adjacent group. Again, seems right. If they won't get vaxxed with no health excuse, they are not working for community health, regardless of what their job titles may say.

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