Monday, September 06, 2021

Labor Day 2021

This Labor Day, there are new campaign artifacts in our front hall. Not T-shirts or pins with slogans this time. Instead masks ... how 2021!

Erudite Partner is working this fall as a member-organizer for her union, the Part Time Faculty Association at the University of San Francisco, the city's prized local Jesuit school. Organizers talk with people -- hence the masks from her parent union.

The 600 part-time instructors are over half the teaching staff, but receive neither the salaries, the benefits, nor the respect equivalent to full-time professors.

Meanwhile, the University is back to full enrollment levels despite the pandemic. But charging students ever escalating tuition doesn't cover the costs of a mushrooming administration and fancy facilities. 

So the administration wants to trim back existing pay and retirement benefits for their lowest paid teachers!

The Union says no -- and that the school should live up to its ethical claims.

Gonna be a fight, as it always is when grasping bosses try to squeeze their workers. 

Happy Labor Day!

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