Friday, September 03, 2021

Friday cat blogging

I had so been looking forward to posting Janeway pictures today and now I'm devastated. I woke up this morning, saw no cat, and gradually realized she'd somehow escaped during comings and goings last night. We'll do all the usual things -- call, put out food, check with the chip people -- but for now, there is no cat. She may find her way home -- or not.

But I decided I'd share this soul-filled image of the young hunter anyway.

She was enjoying jumping on that plastic bag and sliding down the floor. The bag hides her body in the picture.

UPDATE: 7:54 pm -- we just extracted Janeway from under a building in the next door backyard. She's dirty, but otherwise no more demonically possessed than ever.


Gloria said...

Come home, Janeway.

Jules said...

She'll be back. Keep calling her.

Brandon said...

I hope Janeway returns soon.

Bonnie said...

Praise be! Little scolding, lots of loving I'm sure.