Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's always Christmas time for Visa...

"It's always Christmas time for Visa
Mastercard gets presents every day
They're happy as can be when we Discover 'neath our tree
The finance charge that never goes away
It's always Christmas time for Visa
The lenders feel the splendor and the cheer
The interest that they're making is the gift that keeps on taking
And leaves us buried deeper every year."

This Consumers Union ditty is the opening salvo of a campaign to convince Congresscritters to set some limits on the credit card companies.

Raising the minimum wage would be a structural change that Democrats could enact to support the wellbeing of their low wage constituency (and the, often local, businesses that depend on their commerce). Reasonable controls on credit practices could be a similar boon to the middle class.

What better time of the year to sign on against credit gouging than the first day of the Great American Consumption Holiday?Add your name here.

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