Monday, July 07, 2008

Let's poll ourselves

Let's play here. Let's poll ourselves. Today the AP released their summation of what people answered when asked for their off-the-top, one-word description of the Presidential candidates. in five say "change" or "outsider" for Barack Obama and "old" for John McCain

Okay, what do you say?

I think "slick" for Obama and "phony" for McCain. Drop your quick reactions in comments if you wish.

I'm not surprised that my immediate reaction to both these guys is skeptical. According to The Political Compass quiz, I'm close to off the charts on both economic leftism and attachment to liberty. Actually, I'm so far off their charts that I think their axes are crackpot: I believe individual freedom is only possible in the context of relative economic equity. Anything less is just self-serving bullshit. But like I said, I'm off the charts.

You can see where our Presidential candidates rank on this scale here.


Anonymous said...

Heh. I seem to be in the same quadrant...

susankay said...

well -- I matched Mimi exactly which is pretty good company. I think years at Punahou probably left Obama irretrieveably (sp?) preppy but he did work to counter that. Just say: "Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court"

johnieb said...

I'm closer to both edges than anyone else whom I've seen, including you, and yes, "Slick" and "Phoney" suit each of them well.