Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Republican ask

What the caller wanted ...

My mother got a call from the national Republican Campaign Committee this evening, seeking a contribution to help John McCain prevent the Democrats from doing all those terrible things Democrats do. The call didn't do the Reps much good, since mother has been dead for nine years.

But it had interesting aspects. Curious, I chatted with the caller, neglecting to disabuse him of the idea that he was talking with Mother.
  • He referred to Obama's party as "Democratic." I was surprised. I thought the proper usage was "Democrat."
  • He sounded old. Really old. Now perhaps that was appropriate targeting, given that my mother would have been 99 if she were still living. But I had to wonder, are they dragging old men in off the street to make fundraising calls? Is our economy that bad, that elderly gents need to work in call centers?
  • Nothing in his accent or diction suggested he was anything but a white bread sort of guy. Most polling calls I get these days, the interviewers sound African American or perhaps foreign born. I guess that wouldn't work for Republican cash calls.
  • Most surprisingly, this caller was not a professional. He could barely get through the script. He was so inept, I wondered if he was a raw volunteer. I'd be surprised if the national Republican Party was using volunteers for fundraising calls. That means they really do need the money.
He didn't sound unduly surprised when I told him I'd be voting for Senator Obama. Must be a tough job.

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