Monday, July 21, 2008

Scenes from the Aquinnah Music Festival

Martha's Vineyard has a new community radio station, WVVY, 93.7 fm. In need of funds and fun, what better way to raise a little scratch than hold a day long show featuring local bands?

The crowd under Aquinnah lighthouse was spread thin in the natural ampitheater, but happy to be there.

Island bluesman Maynard Silva died three days earlier and the festival became his memorial.

The Joel Zoss trio looked a lot like many in the audience -- some of us have been around awhile.

So had the announcer.

There were some younger specimens.

And plenty of playful human art.

Dancing below the stage.

Hoop -- where are you going with that child?

Pooped at last. Time to go home...

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Civic Center said...

Looks lovely and fun, and we deeply envy you in San Francisco where the sun hasn't shined in quite some time.