Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A momentarily loquacious Feinstein

I think Senator Feinstein is worried. So far, in the last two days I have received six copies of her defensive email about FISA legislation, now postponed, that would retroactively legalize cooperation from telecommunications companies with Bush administration spooks spying on us, U.S. persons. As thousands of constituents have been shouting, the "oversight" the likes of Feinstein promise in their bill amounts to a blank check for warrantless wiretapping of just about everyone. She writes:

I am keeping an open mind to whether some other legislative approach besides immunity [for telecommunication companies] would be best.

Rest assured that I will make every effort to ensure that new FISA legislation will protect the privacy rights of all Americans without restricting the intelligence community's ability to protect us from attack.

Actually, "rest" is the last thing we need. We need a lot more hollering in opposition to the administration, along with its Democratic enablers, subverting our expectation that our privacy is protected unless the government can show why it shouldn't be. We need a lot more demanding that our government should be subject to the rule of law, not making up the rules as it goes along for its convenience.

Meanwhile, the Dems are apparently going to give Bush anything he wants to keep the occupation of Iraq going. More hollering required. Feinstein doesn't yet even answer on the war.


Civic Center said...

She is literally the definition of political scum. Forget about her, except in the coming Nuremberg trials. Let's pray she's one of the indicted.

Ginger Mayerson www.hackenblog.com said...

She should be worried. Why doesn't Barbara Lee run for her Senate seat? I'd work hard to make that happen.