Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the day after Christmas ...

The San Francisco Mission District must be one of the few un-mallified shopping districts left in the U.S. Oh, we have a few chain outlets -- a McDonalds, some shoe vendors, and every cell phone service provider in the world. But most of our stores and restaurants are locally owned, small, and idiosyncratic. Out early this morning, I noted several approaches to the day after...

Anna's Linens crams a stock worthy of a Bed, Bath and Beyond into a two floor showroom (except everything costs at least one third less.) Most of the customers and clerks are Latino. And the store was eager to capture Christmas cash.

Meanwhile, around the corner, the torta (Mexican sandwich) shop figured the proprietors needed their own holiday -- see you in January, folks.

Down the block, the Chinese fish market offered personal service in two languages, not something I could find in a mall, I don't think.

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