Thursday, December 13, 2007

President Scrooge and some seasonal heroes

Is it Christmas yet?

Today, while Pres. George W. Scrooge was vetoing health insurance for 10 million poor children, Congress took up a truly important matter: a resolution recognizing the " importance of Christmas and the Christian faith."

Only nine lawmakers, all Democrats, had the guts to vote against this radical right loyalty test. They were:
  • Jim McDermott-WA
  • Gary Ackerman-NY
  • Yvette Clarke-NY
  • Barbara Lee-CA
  • Pete Stark-CA
  • Lynn Woolsey-CA
  • Diana DeGette-CO
  • Alcee Hastings-FL
  • Bobby Scott-VA
The final tally on the resolution was 372-9 (50 members were MIA for the vote.)

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