Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This woman is about to lose her home

Losing Home, Fighting Back - Rev. Gloria's story from Stephen Eyer on Vimeo.

You can help stop the bank from selling her house out from under her. Even if you can't join us tomorrow -- Thursday, Dec. 20 at 10am at 245 Market St. in San Francisco -- to protest, you can call Citibank.

From the website of the San Francisco Organizing Project, here's how:

1. Call Citigroup Corporate Headquarters: (212) 559-1000 and ask for “Michael Corbat,” Citigroup’s CEO.

2. When the robot asks you if you are trying to reach Michael Corbat, say “Yes.” You will then be connected to the CEO’s office.

3. Tell them your name and that you would like to lodge a complaint with the CEO on behalf of Rev. Gloria del Castillo, whose home is being foreclosed upon. Tell them to cancel the auction of Rev. Gloria del Castillo’s home, explain that even though she has been in negotiations with CitiBank about her loan, she recently received notice that her home will be auctioned off on December 31st, one day before the Homeowner Bill of Rights goes into effect, making this practice of dual-tracking illegal in California.

4. In case they ask: Rev. Gloria’s phone number is (510) 837-1430, she serves a church in San Francisco and lives in El Sobrante, California.

UPDATE: A friend made one of these calls and reports she felt empowered by the experience.

I did call the Citigroup CEO's office and spoke to a secretary who really listened. She said they'd had a lot of calls about this case and that it may possibly be changed. So, I felt sort of powerful as I hung up -- and I'm going to ask all my friends to call, too. It's a little hassle to deal with the automated robot, but then you get connected to the CEO's office where a real person talks - and listens!

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