Tuesday, June 30, 2020

George Floyd Intersection of Hope

A friend who lives in Minneapolis passed along that one of her friends had taken on supporting the community living and active around the location where George Floyd was killed. That activist, Marie Claire, explains:

Our primary focus is to help the people lovingly preserving George Floyd’s memorial, and make it a safe and comfortable space to visit. ... The process of helping maintain the Memorial has been organic. There has been no planning, and as of now we are only getting by with volunteer help and limited financial support from the community.

I grew up in the neighborhood where George Floyd was killed. As a college student and someone who is biracial, I experience firsthand the unfortunate obstacles of skin color. I am the proud daughter of an interracial marriage, and I can't imagine what someone with a darker complexion endures, not to mention a black man in America.

If you have visited the memorial of George Floyd, you have probably seen a number of groups distributing food, water, and masks for those who need it. We are collecting donations to ensure the sustainability of the memorial and support those actively working to do so.

We are in this together! #BLM #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd

Please continue to share with your friends and family!

We are not done yet, and we won't stop until there is justice.

If anyone you know has extra masks, we could use them at the entry point sanitation stations.

This is not some established nonprofit organization taking up a popular cause. It's just people doing their best to honor their local martyr for justice. They depend on a small GoFundMe. If you can, you know what to do ...

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