Saturday, March 08, 2008

An inconclusive experiment

A few weeks ago, I wrote a tongue in cheek post laying out the various class and funding implications of the foods we serve campaign volunteers. Today, as part of organizing a workshop for folks working to win the full inclusion of all the baptized in all the sacraments of the Episcopal Church, I decided to run a little experiment.

I offered donuts, pan dulce and bagels with cream cheese. Which plate would get cleared and which sit untouched by our attendees?

And hour later, I had my answer. All three had been eaten -- folks will scarf up whatever they are offered on a Saturday morning while doing heavy thinking.


Anonymous said...

The selection of the appropriate snack seems like a small thing but promising coalitions have been wrecked by less. One group that studies this type of thing in detail is Class Matters . (no connection)

Civic Center said...

I thought your earlier doughnuts/bagels comparison was very astute, but if you put out free food in the morning of any sort, it tends to get eaten. I think the brilliance of your triple-header was that it was deliberately inclusive of a bunch of different cultures, which allows everyone to "crossover." Brava.