Sunday, September 18, 2011

Artifacts from a happier sports era

49er bread wrapper sunbeam bread.jpg
We're cleaning out obscure corners of our kitchen preparatory to long overdue remodeling and came across these improbable items: once upon a time, our sad sack pro football team was highly sought after advertising partner. Wonder if that "training table bread" was as spongy white as looks likely from its plastic wrapper?

49er wheaties superbowl xxix.jpg
Those were the days, the last time the local gladiators were dominant. Watching the 49ers flounder has become a painful weekend ritual -- just perhaps can the current assemblage bring them back from zombie-land? Time will tell. We fans have practiced modulating our hopes so the lows won't be so low.
Over the next week or so, a combination of trying to work adjacent to the remodeling and dental surgery is likely to reduce my attention to this blog. Regular posting will resume as the dust settles.

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