Saturday, September 03, 2011

Saturday scenes and scenery: Candlestick Point State Recreation Area

1candlestick point from away.jpg
Would you believe that spit of land is within San Francisco's city limits? It's Candlestick Point, out behind the aging football stadium. Though I've lived here nearly 40 years, I'd never been there until I learned that it was one of the 70 state parks slated for closure because California Republicans refuse to pay taxes to maintain the state's well-being.

2candlestick point sra sign.jpg
It's not a very developed place as the motley typography on the entrance sign reveals.

3gull with water!.jpg
Not surprisingly, there are shorebirds.

A lone egret stalks an inlet.

Mostly the ground squirrels seem shy. They haven't learned to beg from picnickers.

6feeding squirrels!.jpg
That is, they were shy until they met this guy. He played the pied-piper of squirrel-land on his walk.

7picnic site w:windbreak.jpg
The park has breathtaking picnic sites -- note each comes with a windbreak. Candlestick Point is where a sort of wind tunnel from the ocean blows across the peninsula's narrowest point.

8board sailer launches.jpg
The prevailing semi-gale is just right for the board sailers who launch here -- drivers can see in them surfing the Bay when driving Rte. 101.

9returning from fishing!.jpg
Many people are here to fish in the Bay, toting their gear in carts. I don't know why they wanted the masks, though I would not be surprised if at times the adjacent garbage company facility puts out a stink.

10pier with fishing poles.jpg
At the far end of the point, there's a newish and much used fishing pier.

11fishing along shore!.jpg
Others fish from the steep shore.

12harbor seal head.jpg
This fellow was hanging out near the pier, perhaps waiting for someone's rejects.

13orchestra sign.jpg
Inland, there's an interesting musical installation.

14orchestra drums.jpg
Some of the "drums' have interesting tones.

The north side of the point is remarkably sheltered. Who'd have thought you could do this within sight of the old Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

The park closures will begin this fall. People will still get in, of course, but I have to wonder what corporations are salivating over this land, especially once the football stadium moves to Santa Clara.

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Darlene said...

What is happening to our country? The priorities of the Republicans are so skewered that one would think they have set out on a goal to destroy everything beautiful in this land.

Thank you for the tour. I hope I can visit someday if later politicians are wiser and re-open it.