Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday scenes and scenery: around San Francisco 2017

We have a new skyline. The Salesforce dick towers over all. Read all about it.

The northern approach still runs across one of the world's most beautiful bridges. The Bay Bridge is grand, but this remains the "signature bridge".

I probably shouldn't post this since I treasure its solitary beauty, but barely south of our border, San Bruno Mountain sits alone.

Meanwhile the human environment persists in its quirks. I don't know what this is either. Maybe some kind of demented household god? There it was, perched on a city trash can.

We give ourselves advice, more and less sage, more and less welcome. (This hortatory billboard is no more, to be replaced with yet another glass and steel edifice.)

San Francisco -- still weird and a little wacky, despite our booming role as the tech capital on the Pacific Rim.

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