Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vineyard trail hazards

Here I am, wandering the leafy green trails, avoiding the occasional root or downed limb.

What's this? Has a relative of R2D2 got loose in these woods?

I look more closely.

The monster warns me off. No, I won't touch. "Deer Treatment Device for control of ticks...."

I see. It kills these nasty little guys, the source of Lyme disease. That's okay with me.

Deer reach their heads between these rollers to eat corn let loose by the center section and rub insecticide on their necks -- at least so says this "4-POSTER" device.

On my way out of the woods, I see another sign, one that reminds me of worse hazards than disease carrying ticks. I'm glad the Sheriff's Meadow Foundation is trying to make this land a safe place for me and for its other inhabitants.

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