Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vineyard vehicles

Since Martha's Vineyard serves as a playground for the rich, naturally one sees a lot of BMWs, various hulking SUVs, and the occasional Hummer. But because the island has mild weather and thrives on a cultivated eccentricity, it also is home to a bummer crop of relic cars. Maybe not quite on a par with Cuba, but plenty enough to notice.

This vintage Bug just whets the appetite.

Sometimes her friend "Margaret" comes to visit.

Margaret is a vintage Chevy, nothing fancy in her youth, but now a proud and serviceable antique.

Even her bumper stickers proclaim her age and culture.

Working vehicles also show their age.

Some positively gleam.

No, this pump along the side of the road doesn't actually work.

At that price, don't we wish it did?

Even the modern gas station in West Tisbury looks kind of quaint. Quaint is part of the attraction here.

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