Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alternatives to helpless rage

This morning I'm working up a good rant for tomorrow's Elders For Health Care Reform Day. Fury comes easily.

But I don't like living with fury. And I've lived long enough to know the remedy: don't just fume -- DO SOMETHING.

So today (while I get adjusted after traveling 3000 miles yesterday) I want to pass on a few suggestions to folks who are frustrated that the process of winning meaningful health care reform has gotten stuck in the August political doldrums.
  • If you are internet-inclined, bookmark and hook up with the campaign for health care reform at FireDogLake. These folks have taken the lead on trying to ensure that progressive Democratic politicians keep pushing for something real from within their ever-so-tepid coalition. We need this kind of street heat! Sign the FDL petition and check out their event listings. It's a great place to get connected.
  • If you relate to more conventional advocacy, there's the usual union and liberal suspects at Health Care for American Now. They feel a little stodgy, but we need them too.
  • We know the health profiteering lobbyists will donate generously to kill reform. Bundled together, our dollars can count too. Let's reward the Democratic members of the House of Representatives who have told the President and the centrists that, if "reform" is watered down to nothing, they won't vote for it. This keeps reform pressure on. ACTBLUE has set up a donations page for this purpose.
Don't just fume -- DO SOMETHING.

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lilalia said...

Good suggestions! Yes, maybe more people should start becoming more active rather than speechless or numb after reading the news...