Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Denounce lawless "law enforcement"

Like residents of most all U.S. cities and towns, San Franciscans live under a legal regime that throws the book at young black and brown people charged with impeding or assaulting police officers -- even if the charges amount to nothing but the cops covering their asses because they roughed someone up.

Meanwhile, officers who shoot and kill civilians get to walk free.

This week, those of us who have been demanding that District Attorney George Gascon prosecute the officers who shot six bullets into the back of Amilcar Perez Lopez will be joining up with Public Defender Jeff Adachi to denounce the discrepancy.

When: Thursday, January 5, 12 noon
Where: San Francisco Hall of Justice, 850 Bryant
What: Demand the D.A. charge Amilcar's killers and stop inflating cases of alleged violence against police

Here's a primer, created in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, on how courts have construed the law to allow police officers to shoot to kill without fear of penalty.

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