Friday, January 27, 2017

Why Trump lies compulsively

This week the Great Tangerine is oozing voluminous doses of crap, centering on falsehoods about crowd sizes and nonexistent voting by ineligible humans. Yawn. All this is meant to divert attention from the actual damage he's plotting and fronting for, but we know that. Still, it seems worth making two points.

1) He really does have to do this because apparently he really is simply an insecure narcissist. It's not a pose. He can't stand being unappreciated, unloved.

2) The only way such a useless, incompetent horde of grifters can survive the crashing disapproval Trump will earn from a disappointed people (only 36 percent approval now and falling already) is to raise a mob against the messengers. He is rousing his dwindling base to attack the media. They are plenty alienated and willing. But they are a definite minority and not likely to increase.

Jamelle Bouie nails the reality:

Donald Trump is not immune to attack. He isn’t actually Teflon Don. He is a novice, an unpopular executive with a deep need for public affirmation. That final fact is his chief weakness—the thermal exhaust port of this unified Republican government. For opponents of Trump, now is the time to exploit it.

I'm not saying Trump is completely weak. The same disapproving poll reports that 53 percent of US residents are optimistic about their own lives over the next four years. When that drops, he's truly toast -- something that will present its own problems.

Meanwhile we resist to preserve and protect as best we can.

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