Friday, January 20, 2017

Morning inauguration protests in San Francisco

It stopped raining in time for a determined march around Financial District sites this morning.

This was not a large crowd -- several thousand (?) over the morning activities -- but very determined.

In all the alarm over the GOPer/Trump administration, there's been less public attention than I think warranted to the mortal threat these forces pose to the elementary rights of workers to organize in unions. It was good to see labor activists out in force this morning.

Today's marchers understand that the human and civil rights of immigrants and people of color are on the chopping block if the white nationalism Trump trumpeted in his inaugural address gets its way. The only remedy we have is solidarity, protest, and keeping on resisting.

Resist and protect much.


PseudoPiskie said...

With our group yesterday was a woman who fled Putin and is terrified by Trump. She lived thru Putin's takeover and is seeing the identical tactics being employed by Trump.

janinsanfran said...

PseudoPiskie: We have reason to be afraid -- and we also live in a very different country from Russia. I am reading widely to try to understand what I can discern and will write about this if I feel I've learned enough for it to be worthwhile.