Thursday, July 29, 2021

We don't always have to listen to a braying crowd

Just when it seems the crazies and cranks have taken over, data emerges to suggest the nuttiness is actually only a few loud mouths. Take a look at this poll about the teaching of U.S. history:

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This is just one poll, though the 1000 registered voters is in the normal range for a well done national survey sample. 

And it turns out that huge majorities -- over 85 percent of us -- want the Civil War, slavery, and the Civil Rights movement taught in schools. Education about white mob violence and Jim Crow law is a little less popular, down in the mid-60 percent range. But mostly, we know we have to go there.

Overwhelmingly, citizens, and particularly parents, do want an unvarnished U.S. history taught in schools. Don't let Tucker Carlson tell you differently.

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