Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Welcome back, indeed

I haven't gotten over how wonderful it is to be an enjoying something of a return to Before. Those of us who are vaccinated -- which is most of us around here -- aren't driving the current surge in COVID cases. We're not totally out of the woods, but just maybe, the end of the initial SARS-Covid-2 phase is in sight. here. 

Anyone over 12 who isn't vaccinated can get the shot free at any pharmacy. In the last few days, even Fox News is coming around. Did Rupert Murdoch decide that playing anti-vaxxer for the GOP was hurting the stock market?

Yesterday I encountered this at the Excelsior branch of the San Francisco Public Library which I've adopted while the Mission Branch remains closed -- likely for years for planned remodeling.  I'm delighting in the ordinariness of the scene.

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