Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is this what U.S. troops are dying for?

An Afghan actor and film maker wanted to expose the corruption of the Afghan police. So he bought a police uniform in the market, set up a fake checkpoint in Kabul -- and offered the drivers he pulled over an apology for police corruption and a $2 tip. He made a lot of unsuspecting men happy with this daring caper. You can watch the performance in the short clip from CNN.

According to Dion Nissenbaum's McClatchy news blog from Kabul where I saw this:

When asked again this weekend about the open -- and illegal -- sale of police uniforms in Kabul markets, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary said the problem was one for the Kabul police to tackle...

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TONY said...

It must be frustrating for satirists on Afghanistan that the reality is more bizarre than the spoofs. Good post on an excellent blog. Keep it up.