Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kagan owns the Senators

The Senate confirmation hearings on Solicitor General Elana Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court apparently aren't all that interesting, as many had predicted. TPM reported the press seats were "near deserted" on Day Three. She's qualified; she has no written record to pick apart; and nobody knows what sort of Justice she'll make, even her old friends.

But I learned something: she's charming in a delightful New York, Jewish, butchy femme sort of way. This clip has some highlights that will make you laugh (sorry about the ad that introduces it, but wait it out for the good stuff.)

Somewhere along the line this not-conventionally-attractive woman figured out how to adopt this persona to jump around the obstacles that would have been so much lower if she'd been blonde, or Christian, or even just a thin white guy. It's impressive -- and a little scary. Women who are "qualified" still have to be just a little more extraordinary, I think.

I sure hope I don't spend the next 20 years hating this woman.

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