Thursday, July 08, 2010

This goes for racism too ...

Here’s an easy rule for any manager to live by: If you haven’t considered the societal forces and ingrained prejudices that may contribute to gender disparities in your hiring practices, your hiring practices are probably sexist.

And if you respond to suggestions that your hiring practices may be sexist with a letter signed by all the women on your staff dismissing these claims out of hand, then your hiring practices are almost certainly sexist. That, or men are just better than women.

Substitute "race" for "gender," "racist" for "sexist" and "blacks" for "women" -- and you can notice you are asserting that white (men) are just better than black and brown people. It happens -- a lot.

The quote is from an Amanda Hess column in the Washington City Paper explicating the flap over whether Jon Stewart's employment practices at The Daily Show are sexist.

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hleighh said...

This is true in so many work environments... Not just popular liberal TV studios, but also prestigious major university music departments!
In recent months I have grown fond of Amanda Hess at The Sexist and her frequent co-commentator Sady Doyle at