Saturday, December 27, 2014

Entertainment values

Over this strange interregnum between holidays, I'm indulging one of my favorite seasonal pastimes: catching parts of almost all the Armpit Bowls. Every year these TV spectacles pit East Armpit against West Instep (colleges, mostly in the South, that seem to exist to play enthusiastic, but seldom great American football) in half empty stadiums before what I suspect are very small TV audiences. These are one of my quirkier passions.

Along with the Bowls, the viewer also endures the seasonal commercials. This year, the two worst to my way of thinking come from Buick and Lexus. I'll share one -- see if you can stomach this:

Fortunately, I don't have to try to deconstruct this for you. Pointless Planet: Inane advertising in an irrelevant world does a terrific job one it.

The same site is also magnificent on those cloying Lexus Christmas Stories. Enjoy.

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