Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday scenes and scenery: Accessible bathrooms

Bathrooms are where people whose gender is not immediately obvious on first glance most frequently experience other people's gender anxiety. Humans apparently are something like hard-wired to want to know which gender anyone we meet might be, especially in the a public restroom. This can be hard on people whose gender is not immediately obvious -- and, as a woman, I don't think women are completely crazy to want to know there aren't men in "our bathroom." Stray males can be dangerous.

The ACLU of Northern California has a solution:
Here's the door to one of two restrooms on a floor.

Just in case you are icon-challenged, this hangs alongside the door. Apparently we can be trusted to know what the wheelchair icon means.

This sign explains.

Should this seem all too much, there's always this one down the hall.

I like it. It's going to take awhile, but I suspect most of us could get used to this inclusive set up.

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