Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday cat blogging: welcome to California, Mr. Morty!

live animals.jpg
United Air Lines has a counter in the cargo facility just for these very special arrivals.

baggage handlers.jpg
These baggage handlers produced the traveler's crate.

morty in jail.jpg
Finally we got a glimpse of the new member of our household, still locked in his jail. Morty's people had decided, reluctantly, that he needed a new home with friends on the other side of the country.

considering escape.jpg
After a long flight, a fellow has to stretch when the jail is finally opened. The new place is unfamiliar -- he has a lot of exploring to do, but first he decided to hide under a bureau. Further pictures will have to wait until he's a little more settled.


JCF said...

A Russian Blue-y! The bestest!

{{{Morty}}} is adorbz, Jan: happy-happy, joy-joy!

Civic Center said...

Good luck getting him settled and comfortable.

Ronni Gilboa said...

Russian Blues are wonderfull cats. Our Mr B was with us for 20+ years and had an enlightened and generous soul. He took care of everyone, including the two footed ones. Ronni

bjohanna said...

A belated welcome to Morty. As Ronni said, we lost our Russian Blue, Mister B, a couple of months ago. May Morty bring you as much joy as our Mister B brought to us and our neighbors.