Saturday, December 18, 2010

Humanitarian contradiction

I'm watching something called the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl. It looks like it might be a pretty good football game (both teams have proved they can score).

But what is "uDrove"? Just what "humanitarians" want to promote -- spook software that keeps track of whether "knights of the road" -- truck drivers -- are keeping their noses (tires?) to the grindstone. From the company website:

uDrove® is a revolutionary new business and compliance management tool for the transportation industry. ...

uDrove® calculates and organizes important information associated with mileage tracking, fuel tax reporting, driver logging, inspections, expense capturing, and load tracking. You have the ability to easily capture the data on your phone and instantly view the information online through your uDrove account. uDrove is an excellent driver compliance tool for both owner operators and company drivers. And the perfect management tool for fleet managers, office personnel and Service Bureaus alike. uDrove pays for itself in its first day!

My emphasis. No unauthorized coffee and apple pie breaks for these drivers ...

So glad to know this company could buy the Humantiarian fest.

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Lynn Koh said...

Ironically, those drivers are often 'independent contractors' so that employers can get out of basic labor law requirements such as minimum wage; apparently, independence will now include minute-by-minute surveillance.