Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Liability insurance

Still too sick to post anything very exciting, even to myself. But perhaps you'd like to know where you turn to if you are Nepalese and get injured in traffic. We realized something was going on when we encountered this fellow on a Kathmandu street.

Not far along this crowd blocked the thoroughfare. Kathmandu traffic always seems impacted to a western eye, but this was something else.

Things looked peaceful enough, but sensible people don't hang around crowds bent on protest in other people's countries, so we beat it out of there as fast as feasible (not very).

Our guide eventually discovered that a woman had been struck by a private (is there any other kind?) bus; she survived but was seriously disabled. The company was refusing to make long term financial provision for her and her family. So organized people had blocked the street to carry her demands.

I have no idea what came of this. I certainly hope she got some kind of pay-off. There's no margin for living without being able to work for most Nepalese.
More, and more interesting and beautiful, posts about visiting Nepal when my body recovers a bit.

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