Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vets offer themselves for arrest in war protest

On Thursday, Veterans for Peace-San Francisco, along with Code Pink and most every other peace group in town showed up at the new Federal Building to denounce ongoing U.S. wars, support Wikileaks' right to disclose government "secrets," and commit civil disobedience.

Charlie Liteky, a Vietnam era recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, spoke to the war opponents. If you think antiwar protesters are a bunch of wimps, read Liteky's citation for heroism under fire. He returned the medal in 1986 as a conscientious protest against U.S. wars in Central America and continues to work for a peaceful U.S. foreign policy.

Several dozen protesters were arrested when they lay blocking doors of the building.

This civil disobedience action echoed a larger protest by vets outside the White House as President Obama unveiled his Afghanistan progress review. A video of that action is here.

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naomi dagen bloom said...

Very moving and remarkable to know that there are protests happening somewhere in the U.S. I'd expected more in Portland, Oregon, but all is quiet.