Sunday, December 19, 2010

A note from your blogger ...

I am sick and tired of being sick. Even since I got back from Nepal, I've had a lingering pneumonia with the usual nasal, throat and sinus complications. Every time I think I'm getting my energy and wits back, it rears up again.

When I'm depressed, politically or more generally, I often turn to the wonderful daily newspaper columns of Eleanor Roosevelt, available online in their 25 year (!) entirety. Now there's some faithful blogging!

Here's her sage admonition for dealing with my kind of sickness, from December 12, 1936:

Infections of this kind [sinus] are so slow and it is of course, very pleasant to have the doctors tell you not to worry but it makes it no less annoying to have an illness lengthen itself out into weeks which you hoped would be over in a few days.

Thank Eleanor -- I know this too shall pass.

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Kay Dennison said...

I understand -- I've felt like you-know-what since I got back from my annual trip up northl. And the political situation is adding to it, I'm sure. I'd tell you to get well soon but the bottom line is we'll get well soon in our own sweet time. Sigh. Just keep on keeping on -- it's a better blogosphere with you in it!!!