Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nepal: a few Himalayan peaks

1view out window Namche Bazaar copy.jpg
I traveled to Nepal in order to see mountains. I have had a thing for mountains as long as I can remember. I very much wanted to see the Himalayas, even though climbing among them is beyond my powers. Hence I signed up for a trek along the route that eventually stretches to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. We didn't go nearly that far or that high. This view, out the window of the "tea house" (rudimentary hotel) where we stayed in the town of Namche Bazaar, was my first glimpse of higher peaks. As we walked further into the mountains, there was much more:

2framed peaks copy.jpg

3sharp rock peaks! copy.jpg
Though I acquired a map, I can't always report the names of the peaks. Many are not named and sometimes I can't remember our direction of travel.

4leaving namche toward khumjung mtn! copy.jpg
Here's another view from the hill above Namche Bazaar.

5ama dhablam, trail copy.jpg
The distinctive summit of Ama Dablam dominates the trail to Tengboche.

6ama dablam-close up.jpg
Viewed through a telephoto lens, Ama Dablam is scary.

Here is the Everest massif -- Nuptse, Lhotse, and the Everest summit itself -- covered with wisps of cloud and Ama Dablam closer by on the right. The edifice in the foreground is a Buddhist stupa. Every hamlet seems to have one.

9everest clear! copy.jpg
The next morning the clouds blew away, revealing Everest's awesome summit.

10peaks to nw over tents copy.jpg
Perhaps especially when the peaks are not snow-covered, they reveal their harshness. The tents were for another group; we stayed inside the tea house.

I still have a thing for mountains, but I have to admit, the Himalayas frightened me. At the sight of Rockies, or the Sierras, or even the bit of the Andes I've seen, my heart leaps. These peaks are something else, so beyond human scale, they made my heart feel cold. Think the 14000 foot summits in Colorado -- doubled!

These photos and some additional mountain views can be seen as a widescreen slideshow here.

A map that includes route of trek here. Please note my disclaimer about what a traveler can or cannot see in someone else's country. Additional posts from my trip to Nepal can be found by clicking on the blog label "Nepal".


tina said...

beautiful! thank you. i hope you will get well soon

Roo said...

Man, these are absolutely amazing. I can see what you mean, totally awe inspiring!