Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday cat blogging: Spanish city cats

If you ever find yourself traveling with me, you’re likely to find yourself walking down a street when I blurt “Cat!” and suddenly become absorbed in trying to snap a photo.

Here’s such a scene from the Spanish city of Tarragona.

That Siamese was cautious, but cooperative.

Otherwise, Spanish cities didn’t provide frequent cat subjects. Maybe the urban hubbub spooks them? This calm beauty watched us eat in a quiet outdoor cafe in the Albaicin neighborhood of Granada. There was no car traffic there, though plenty of wandering tourists.

A true exception to the cautious custom of cats, this one greeted the hordes visiting the Alhambra, clearly well adapted to whatever attention they might bring.

Next Friday I’ll post a collection of Spanish country cats, a much larger set.

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Hattie said...

I have a photo somewhere of about 30 cats hanging out on the rocks at the harbor in Cadiz. Such beauties, but how they proliferate. A development we stayed in once had so many cats that a man came out and shot 75 of them.
Very sad since they are so lovely.